Skipping the CI build job on

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The salsa-ci team offers pre-written CI jobs to build and test your Debian package with every push. In case you don’t want to start the build every time you push your changes to the server you can skip the build by either using a special commit message note or a special push option. This might also be useful, because pushing commits and tags separately might start the job pipeline twice1.

If the commit message contains the string [ci skip] or [skip ci] in any capitalization will do the job.

But I prefer to not pollute the log with such non-packaging related content. So I prefer the second way. Since some time Git offers to advertise strings as push options. These are then processed by the server in question. To skip the job just run

$ git push -o ci.skip
  1. To push the tags together with the commits you can run git config push.followTags true to either set this option locally or globally.