I’m running several systems with different purposes but all running Debian GNU/Linux. These systems are described below. If necessary I list all packages and configurations that might be useful to know about when running such a piece of hardware. Usually I install both free and non-free Linux firmware packages.

ACER Aspire 7 (A717-71G)

Laptop-Workstation Vogon

In late 2018 I got in need for a new and fast laptop.


Home Theatre PC HoG (Heart of Gold)

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e (Type 20DA)

Laptop-Workstation Beeblebrox

I decided for this model because it is handy, robust, light enough and provides a good battery time (more than 5 hours). It also has a touchscreen. If I could change one or two things, I’d have preferred a matt display instead of the shiny one and one more USB port. As usual I decided for a model that only uses Intel hardware, so I can be sure, that it is well supported by Linux (even the touchscreen works). Basically the following packages are needed:

together with the usual kernel, firmware and video driver stuff. There is not much manual configuraion necessaryto /etc/modules:

# detected by sensors-detect


Laptop-Workstation Haktar (not used anymore)

This laptop almost only utilizes Intel hardware and comes without any operating system. Besides the modem and the fingerprint scanner, which I both don’t use, everything is working. So whats basically needed here is

together with the usual kernel, firmware and video driver stuff. There is not much manual configuration necessary to /etc/modules:

# Bluetooth
# FireWire
# detected by sensors-detect

This Toshiba based laptop might need toshutils and/or toshset.

When I bought the laptop, the battery held for more than 4 hours in normal operation. In my opinion, this is quite good. Suspend and sleep modes etc. also work fine.

November 2014: ATM I’m suffering from the laptop changing audio mode to earphones after waking up from suspend. This is weired.

I got this laptop sponsored partly by the Bluefish project. It was later donated to a school in Nepal.